Four Valuable Summer Maintenance Tips

If you’re a driver from the East Hanover or Parsippany area, it’s likely you’re enjoying the arrival of summer. From exciting adventures, to warm weather, there’s nothing quite like summer in the Orange, NJ area. But after a long winter, it’s likely that your Ford model could use some attention. And that’s where summer maintenance comes in.

Whether you’re from Morristown, NJ or Livingston, NJ, summer means more driving. And that makes it even more important to ensure your vehicle is running safely and efficiently. It’s for that reason that we put together a list of our top four summer maintenance tips:

Top Four Summer Maintenance Tips

  • Check Your Fluids:
    Your engine’s fluids play an integral role in the health and reliability of your vehicle. You’ll want to check things like oil and coolant to ensure everything is up to par. At our dealership, we can handle things like oil changes and coolant flushes so you can return to the roads of Fairfield, NJ with confidence.
  • Inspect Your Tires:
    Tires are what separate you from the road and you shouldn’t risk it when it comes to their condition. Keep an eye on tire pressure as temperature can cause it to fluctuate. Additionally, you can bring your vehicle to us for a full tire inspection.
  • Look Over Your Battery:
    Just like your tires, weather changes can affect your battery. And the last thing you want is to get stranded. We encourage all of our drivers to schedule a service with us so we can test your battery.
  • Stay Cool:
    Picture this, you’re cruising down the road when suddenly the cabin of your vehicle becomes unbearably hot. Not a pretty sight. Have your A/C system checked and be sure to stay cool all summer long.

Whether you’re from West Orange, NJ or the surrounding area, summer maintenance can help keep your summer rolling smoothly. Schedule a service with us and ensure your vehicle is up to the task.

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