Tips for Driving in Winter Weather in the Morristown, NJ Area

Even if you've weathered your share of winters behind the wheel, it's still a good idea to prepare for the snowy days ahead. Getting your car ready for winter driving will give you peace of mind, and it doesn't hurt to remind yourself how your vehicle responds to icy surfaces in Parsippany before you're confronted with one.

Winter Tires

The best winter driving strategy is to begin with a vehicle that's prepared for the drop in temperatures. If your climate promises plenty of snowy or icy days, a change from summer or all-season tires to a winter set will give you the best traction to cope with the loss of grip. Winter tires also feature a different chemical makeup than other seasonal tires, remaining supple and thus better able to grip the Fairfield, NJ roads in temperatures below freezing.

Check Your Battery

Make sure your battery is up to the task by testing its ability to hold a charge. Cleaning the terminals if they show signs of corrosion will optimize the battery's function, but if it's struggling to recharge properly at temperatures below zero, it's time to get a new one.

Orange, NJ drivers may want to get an oil change as well, as dirty oil struggles to lubricate the engine effectively. Most synthetic oils can work well in summer and winter, but if your oil is high-viscosity, you might want to consider changing it for a lower viscosity that handles the cold weather better.

Be Prepared

You should always carry an emergency kit in your car that contains jumper cables, a flashlight, handy tools, a first aid kit, tire sealant and any other items that will help you manage if you break down. Add a warm blanket, a shovel, cat litter for traction and weight, snacks, and water to winterize your kit.

Have Your Vehicle Checked at Performance Ford of East Hanover

Our mechanics can help you bring your car up to date with any winter maintenance and ensure that it's road-ready for the challenging season ahead in Livingston, NJ. We'll install new wiper blades for you, change your oil, put a fresh set of winter tires on your vehicle and give it a thorough inspection to ensure it can cope with the cold.

Call or email our service center today to schedule your appointment at Performance Ford of East Hanover, serving the West Orange, NJ area.

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